My name is Scarlett and I’m as sweet as they come! I was born on January 12th, 2017. My life could have ended then. The veterinarian recommended I go to the Rainbow Bridge because I was born very ill. I was diagnosed with Congenital Hydrocephalus, and had the worst case of this the vet had ever seen. Yikes, scary stuff!

Thankfully, Cavalier Rescue USA took a chance on me! They took me to a wonderful neurologist who quickly performed life saving surgery where he installed a shunt. I've recovered from my surgery, and I take an anti-seizure medication just to make sure I stay okay.

Some of my favorite things to do include playing with soft toys, rope toys, and chewing on antlers. I also really like to shred dried leaves in the fenced yard. More than all that though, I love to sit on the couch next to my new parents. They took a chance on me too. I'll love them forever!

As my new family wrote to Cavalier Rescue USA recently noting that others had passed me by: "Well, we’re not scared! We bought her a plane ticket and she came home with us the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We were afraid she’d be sad, but she is full of excitement and puppy curiosity. All the vets say she has a good chance of living a long and full life! We certainly hope so!"

My thanks and humble puppy gratitude to rescue. I'm told my brain scans and surgery cost rescue a huge amount! I vow to pay it all back in love.


Here I am with my new family. Can't you tell they love me lots? I'm a lucky puppy!


Love, Scarlett

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